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All of Elites Training is customized for you.
Independent research studies have shown that proper employee training will make an enormous different in the success of your school. Consider these facts:

Employees who work for organizations that train them, consistently rank their organizations as “above average” places to work
Studies have shown that organizations without a training strategy lose 17% of their potential productivity due to errors that need to be corrected.
Organizations that provide career-path training experience a 14% decrease in employee turnover as opposed to organizations that do not.

Elite training offers you the advantage of designing your training for:

School Directors
Adult Admissions Advisors
High School Admissions Advisors
In-Home Admissions Advisors
Admissions Support Staff (Receptionists, Financial Aid, Clerical)
Your organization or group
Adult Admissions Advisors
A combination of any or all of the above

The primary purpose of our admissions training is to focus on the specific areas your staff need for professional development.

Once those areas are identified, training is customized to benefit all participants and includes the reference materials required to produce at the next level and continue the growth process!

Our most popular Training Topics are listed below. Click on the title that interests you to get a more detailed description.

Mastering Admissions Development (complete program)
Lead Development
Developing Urgency
Team Management
Interviewing Fundamentals
Closing Made Easy
Admissions Staff Development
Management Development
Find the Pain, Control the Process
Admissions & Marketing Strategy (Management)
Admissions & Financial Aid Living Together in Harmony
Admissions Retreat
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Workshops and Seminars
Admissions Manuals
Personal Admissions Coach
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