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If you discover an employee who is hungry for knowledge, who wants to learn both professionally and personally, and who has tremendous potential but lacks nuts-and-bolts information, make it your responsibility to get that individual the training that he or she both wants and needs. Elite Consultants can help.

Workshops or Seminars conducted by Elite can be geared toward any Association, Group, School or Department.

Topics chosen for the workshop or seminar are based on your specific need(s).

Training tools include individual manuals or materials, a power point display and videotaping.

Examples of various topics are listed below; the final selection is totally up to you!

“Mastering Admissions Development”

Understanding a phone philosophy, technique, and flow that works.
You will see an increasing number of sets show for interviews.
Listening fundamentals.
Including the buying committee.
Discovering tools to live by.
Creating urgency in the prospect.
How to overcome objections through the voice tones you project and the control you will learn to master.
Follow-up, approaching no shows or the procrastinators.

“Lead Development”

Personal buy-in to developing ownership for success.
Appreciation for how “Personal Developed Leads” will influence personal and team success.
Identification of lead opportunities and options.
Developing a personal and team action plan for ensuring PDL generation.
Setting and achieving lead goals.

“Developing Urgency”

Locating and defining the areas that identify staff urgency.
Locating additional lead opportunities to achieve individual and team urgency.
Creating phone urgency to generate more shows.
Find the urgency in the prospect.
Creating urgency within the interview, every time.
Closing with urgency for committed follow through.
Providing tools for assisting in retention.

“Team Management”

Team building skills and areas of awareness.
Barriers and key traits for admissions development.
Identifying your team and recognizing your Mission Statement.
Buying into a fundamental process, philosophy, method, technique, and way of thinking.
Management strategy and accountability.
Coaching is ongoing, what to look for and how to proceed.

“Interviewing Fundamentals”

Recognizing the correct fundamentals or philosophical approach.
Listening development.
Dealing with objections or barriers.
Using tools to create a more committed student.
Interviewing dependent or independent prospects.
Closing with their level of commitment and need.
Follow-up strategy.

“Admissions Role in Retention”

Understanding your role in student retention.
Linking the process with a commitment.
Doing the right thing, at the right time, all the time.
Follow-up with potential drops.
Using a “Start Status Review”, staying true to task.

“Closing Made Easy”

Understanding the “Closing” reference tools
Philosophical buy-in to the process.
The whys and why nots involved with commitment.
Key links to identify need, pain or purpose.
Maintaining control of the process

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