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Bill Clary, Elite President/CEO
Bill Clary, Elite President/CEO
Bill Clary founded Elite Consultants, Inc in 1991.

Bill graduated from Malone College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education.
Mr. Clary started his tremendously successful career in the school business in 1980 as a high school marketing and admissions representative at Watterson Institute. After a couple of highly successful years in high school admissions, Mr. Clary was named senior adult admissions representative and led all admissions representatives in starts and graduates during this period.
In 1984, he was promoted and became the Director of Admissions & Marketing for both the high school and the adult admissions departments.
In 1986, he became a Regional DOA & Director of Marketing for Jostens and later Philips Colleges. He trained admissions representatives throughout the southeast, wrote training materials and was instrumental in developing strategic planning for the region in both marketing and admissions.
Mr. Clary assumed the position of National Director of Admissions and Marketing at Dalfort Aircraft Technical Schools in 1990-1991 where he trained a national admissions team and directed all marketing strategies.
He founded Elite Consultants Inc in 1991 and became President/CEO. Elite is a highly recognized, full service admissions and advertising company.
Mr. Clary has trained many of the top managers and reps in the industry today!
He has provided hundreds of schools with admissions training and materials. He's conducted regional workshops in almost all 50 states.
He is the author of Mastering Admissions Development and Mastering Management Development.
Mr. Clary has developed a variety of workshops focusing on Building Your Plan in Admissions, Admissions Role in the Fight Against Retention, Courses on Professional Admissions Development, Lead Development, Phone Strategy, Creating Urgency, Interview Strategy, Closing Technique, Fundamentals of Follow-up, etc.
He has been a guest speaker at numerous state or national conferences throughout the USA. The list includes CCA, PAPSA, CCST, LCCA, FAPSC and CVTA to name a few.
"I'm a strong believer in building lasting relationships with our clients. We achieve what we want to achieve only after our client achieves what they seek to achieve. We bring a proud, passionate, ethical, quality service or product, personal interest, honest, professional, and tireless approach to achieve your objectives each day."


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