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Why hire an Admissions Consultant?

Sometimes you are just too busy handling the daily responsibilities, conflicts and problems that typically interrupt your day. A cost effective solution for many successful schools is to hire an ELITE ADMISSIONS CONSULTANT.

So, what exactly IS an Admissions Consultant? What do they do?

An Elite admissions consultant is an ethical business professional who gives you expert advice.
An Elite admissions consultant is an independent contractor who offers his or her specialized services, talents or skills to schools throughout the country for a fee.
Elite admissions consultants are specialists in analyzing problems (or situations) and developing solutions that satisfy management objectives.
An Elite admissions consultant is free of the daily operational decisions that frequently interrupt managements focus and can direct their full attention to your project or objective.
An Elite admissions consultant can see the solution for the problem without the tangle of conflicts, daily crisis and problems that typically interrupt a school director.
Like a doctor, lawyer, coach, personal trainer or teacher an Elite admissions consultant is an advisor, coach, motivator, educator, etc. employed for their knowledge, expertise and judgment.
An Elite admissions consultant can offer objective advice and strategies that help you attain management goals more quickly.
An Elite admissions consultant can provide the missing link between your present problems and achieving your future goals.
An Elite admissions consultants frame of reference and best practices come from other clients and extensive personal experience.
An Elite admissions consultants provides the training, strategies, materials, support systems, feedback and ongoing presence you need to sustain productive results.
An Elite admissions consultant creates a partnership with their clients by maintaining a good business relationship and effectively communicating.
An Elite admissions consultant is committed to achieving your objectives.
An Elite admissions consultant has models and methodology to gain results more quickly than internal trial and error.
An Elite admissions consultant can provide a blue print for achieving your objectives; then help see it through to completion.
An Elite admissions consultant is available when you need input.

When would be a good time to hire an Elite admissions consultant?

Elite admissions consultants can represent a cost effective solution for many situations, some are listed below:
When specialized experience and knowledge are not currently available within your school or organization.
For unique projects to help equalize the workload of your permanent staff or to contribute fresh thinking and a catalyst for alteration and change.
To provide group training, formal seminars or one-on-one training to benefit your employees or company
When you need an injection of focused energy and expertise to meet a challenge head on.
To realize your admissions potential.

When youre ready to use a proven admissions professional to develop your staff, Elite has the Advantage over other admissions consultants based on their Admissions specialization and experience.

Ok. You are interested in taking the next step towards working with an Elite Consultant. Whats next?

Contact Us and request our Consulting Service, we will:

Start by reviewing or assessing your current status
Develop a plan of action
Assist you to Implement the plan, working closely with current school administrators and managers
Provide an ongoing presence by providing services, as needed, to include:
  • admissions strategic planning
  • staff training and retraining
  • reinforcing detailed fundamentals
  • assist in hiring
  • designing reference manuals/materials
  • setting up a system of accountability
  • sending out weekly newsletters reinforcing current status and goals
  • management motivational strategy
Our on-going Admissions Consulting services are designed with the objective of hitting and exceeding your schools expectations and

Injecting a team mentality, attitude, passion and energy to daily participation
Maintaining a professional and ethical philosophy
Reinforcing and Upholding your current policies and procedures

Consulting services are available for small single site campuses as well as multiple site groups of schools and can be provided on or off site.

Summary FACT: Elite has assisted hundreds of schools get where they want to go. We take chance out of the equation and raise your level of achievement.

CLick here to Contact us for more information about Admissions cosulting.

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