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e.trak Admissions and Marketing Software Solution
The Elite Advantage for Lead Tracking


e-trak is our trademarked software specifically designed to meet the need for a lead tracking software for the proprietary school industry.
It was inspired by a recognized expert who actually worked in Admissions and, in addition, has consulted in the Marketing and Admissions departments of hundreds of different proprietary schools.
Accurate data entry provides management with comprehensive reports to aid in decision making for Admissions, Marketing and Advertising departments.

Decide if e.trak is the software for your school by answering a few questions:

Do you want a technical help for your software when you NEED it?
e.trak customer service is available to you when you need it.
Do you want a lead tracking software that is So easy to use, your staff will actually use it?
e.trak is EASY. All data is entered on one screen.
Do you want a system that provides reports containing useful information to management for decision-making?
e.trak has the BEST “CANNED” REPORTS of any lead tracking software available in the proprietary school business!
Do you want a software system that you can customize for your school?
e.trak can be CUSTOMIZED EASILY to fit the requirements of your Proprietary School - IN MINUTES! Not like other
Do you want a software system that your staff can be trained on quickly?
You and your staff can be THOROUGHLY TRAINED on e.trak WITHIN HOURS of installation.
Do you want software easy to install?
e.trak can be INSTALLED IN LESS THAN ONE HOUR if you go REALLY slowly!
Do you want a program that can be imported to your Financial Aid or Accounting software?
e.trak DATA can be EXPORTed with a touch of a button.

If you answered yes to these questions, then E.TRAK IS THE SOFTWARE FOR YOU!
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Lead tracking software designed specifically for the school industry

e.trak has 3 screens - that´s it!
LEADS - you enter all data here on this screen
REPORTS - you print or preview the results of the data you entered here
ADMIN - you customize your program here

LEADS - Simple and easy data entry. One screen captures all lead info!

Personal lead information (Name, Address, Phone)
Lead Source
Program of Interest
Admissions Rep Information
Ability to Track Ongoing Status of Each Lead (follow-up phone calls, letters, and all conversion detail)
REPORTS - Informative and effective reporting at the touch of a button!

Detailed reports for any date range you designate
Reports by Rep
Reports by Lead Source
Reports by Program
Revenue Reporting
Provides specific data like lead development by source, lead status, lead follow-up, conversion analysis, lead cost analysis, enrollment reports, start reports, start status updates and more.

Sample Reports

ADMIN - e.trak is customizable by the user in this section

Add and remove programs easily
Add new reps with the push of a button
Export data, Mailing lists or Mail Merge docs

e-trak is your link to future stability and growth!

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